Who is The Jam Room?

We are known for three things – our weather, the IT hub and of course MUSIC. In fact, Bangalore houses some of the best musical bands of India. However, there is a lack of musical studios in our city. There are recording or practice studios. So, why not have a space that combines both?

Enter ‘The Jam Room’ - a large acoustically treated rehearsal space for groups and bands in Bangalore. A high-end sound-proofed recording studio with best-in-class equipment, we are more than just a space. Our intention is to bridge the gap by offering an entire musical experience to people; right from facilitating practice sessions to helping bands record to providing them with gigs at various events.

Our video production unit can work on live shoots, 3D - 2D animations, augmented reality, virtual reality, 360°video and 360° photos depending on what client requires. Different organisations need communications to their clients through visual presentations.

Videos are the next level of content marketing in the future. It can help to standardize an organisation's sales process, marketing process, safety process, training process etc. For example, sales process depends on the sales staff's vocabulary and presentation skills. Once you have a video of your product/company explaining the whole process, there is a standardise way of pitch for all your staffs. It will be just closing the sales after that.

Providing the apt content within a required time frame is what we can provide. We will be using softwares like premiere pro, cinema4D, etc depending on the type of video requirement. Live shoots will be executed with the best technicians in the industry starting from conceptualisation, scripting, production, editing and final out.

The Maestros Behind the Jam Room

A rich cultural heritage and a strong musical inclination led to the creation of this beautiful space.
Varun Menon and Hari Menon co-founded The Jam Room to keep theirs and others passion alive.