These studios are great places to unwind and hone music skills

Aparna Karthik, DH News Service, Bengaluru | MAY 20 2018

A good number of stressed out professionals frequent the studios to wind down.

If the recent explosion in jamming studios is any evidence, India's concert capital — Bengaluru — never slams the door on budding performers.

In these studios, aspiring artistes collaborate to reinvent music in their own unique way, since jamming, as the name suggests, is all about getting together and playing impromptu jazz or rock. Found in these veritable dens are techies moonlighting as strummers and percussionists, who team up with crooners to discover their mojo. "The studios are doubling up as recreational spaces, while also helping aspirants hone their skills," said Varun Menon, corporate pro-turned entrepreneur, who runs the 'Jam Room' studio.

A good number of stressed out professionals frequent the studios to wind down, while those dreaming about cutting a deal with the big music companies also show up to practice. "A weekend of jamming is always better than time spent in a cinema hall," agreed techie and passionate guitarist Ganesh Pawar. "Jamming is the perfect way to unwind." Three-D animation student and drummer Debasish Saraiah finds jamming with friends "incredibly therapeutic".

"This is the place for introverted artistes to network," assured Saraiah.

Professional drummer Pruthvi, owner of Bread and Jaam, said collaborations in jamming studios get stronger to become bands. "People who gathered in my studios have later gone on to form bands," he said.