Audio Engineer

Recording engineers must understand musical instruments and how to capture their sound onto tape or digitally. They must also know how to balance the whole skillfully. Thus with our professional recording studio, with excellent audio engineers, we offer you the best Electronic Music Production in Bangalore.

There are many technical aspects to doing this and a good recording engineer must be on top of them all. Soundboards, mixing boards, microphones, cables, guitars, computers, preamps, drums, horns, turntables, synthesizers and more. Somehow it must all come together to create a song. Life as a recording engineer means being the one who can balance it and coax it into all coming together somehow.

Having recorded bands like Traces (Post Metal), Shakuni (Progressive Rock), Last Stand (Punk Rock) and solo artists including Sakshath Shankar, Ashwanth Varghese (Saxophone), Akskath has what it takes to get the best out of the studio. Besides being an Avid Avid Certified Protools User, Akshath has qualifications in Recording Arts and Electronic Music production.