We offer professional audio recording, production & rehearsal services. Our recording studio is available for lease or rent on an hourly basis. There are many different packages we offer that can be designed to suit your jamming needs.


Get-together with like-minded musicians or get your band together for a fun impromptu ‘jam’ session. Create your own mix or play covers of existing songs – whatever is your preference, we have the ideal space for you. A sound-proof studio, designed with intention and equipped with the latest musical equipment; you can jam your hearts out.

It’s time to start experimenting, improvising and creating some sick beats!


Video Production and Post Production

The Jam Room is a video production house that can work on live shoots, 3D - 2D animations, augmented reality, virtual reality, 360°video and 360° photos depending on what client requires. Different organisations need communications to their clients through visual presentations.

Videos are the next level of content marketing in the future. It can help to standardize an organisation's sales process, marketing process, safety process, training process etc. For example, sales process depends on the sales staff's vocabulary and presentation skills. Once you have a video of your product/company explaining the whole process, there is a standardize way of pitch for all your staffs. It will be just closing the sales after that.

Providing the apt content within a required time frame is what we can provide. We will be using software like premiere pro, cinema4D, etc depending on the type of video requirement. Live shoots will be executed with the best technicians in the industry starting from conceptualization, scripting, production, editing and final out.

The Jam Room can provide the following video solutions:

  1. Corporate videos for company profile
  2. Animation (2D - 3D) videos
  3. Augmented Reality
  4. Virtual Reality
  5. Live Shoots
  6. 360°video and 360° photo
  7. Post Production (Video editing and color grading)

For more details please call Akshath at +91 73497 55731 or Varun Menon at +91 97411 87344

Audio Recording Service (Recording / Mixing)

Have you composed a song and wanted to record it? Or have you been wanting to record yourself belting your favourite tracks? We have the perfect solution - one that you thought was probably beyond what you could afford. You were wrong!

At The Jam Room you will always work with an experienced Sound Engineer and we don’t charge you a separate fee for mixing or mastering your project. At our professional recording studio, we just charge one affordable hourly rate. This helps you keep your project on track and on budget. And as a truly “One Stop Service!” Recording Studio. We enable you to walk out the door with a final product by providing .wma, .mp3 and other formats.

At The Jam Room, we find a customised approach for every artist and every sound recording project. An experienced sound engineer will always work with you at no extra cost! With hourly and affordable rates, we ensure your project will stay on track and on budget. After all, your talent deserves the best, without pinching your pocket.

Whether you choose to record live or everything separate; we provide high quality recording services to suit your needs. Careful microphone placement, preamp saturation, and light EQ or dynamics choices – we provide nothing but the best services.

Electronic Music Production

Want to produce your own music but don’t know where or how to start? Hip-hop, Electronica, Ambient or Club – no matter what your style or tune, our audio engineers are here help you create your mix. From the process to software to equipment needed, learn everything there is about mixing and production from our music experts.

Voice-Over And Dubbing

From dubbing Indian movies and foreign movies into regional languages to dubbing animation projects to voice overs for agencies, commercials, radio spots and more – our spacious and well-equipped studio is the ideal place for every project.

Our digital studio delivers professional and top-quality sound voice over and sound tracks. Both sound editing and duration requirements are addressed aptly.

On time and bang for your buck – it’s a medley of best services!

Music Classes

Those interested in foraying into the field of music, please call Akshath at +91 73497 55731 or Varun Menon at +91 97411 87344